Just a friendly reminder that we will be closed starting Weds 11/25 through the weekend. We will not be holding any onsite classes during that time. We hope everyone has a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving!

The DAE Team

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Schedule of Classes

Small Groups

Our classes average 6-8 kids so the instructor can pay more individual attention to each student and balance their varying skill levels.

STEM Curriculum

All of our curriculum was created using a special DAE methodology so your child will develop social, technical and creative skills.

Project Based

Students gain access to real world experience using top of the line digital arts tools and technologies.

The Digital Arts Experience aims to provide a unique opportunity for the kids & teens of the Westchester, Rockland and Fairfield communities to explore the world of creative technology, digital art, STEM related fields and more! Our programs are goal oriented and focus on hands on learning so each and every student will complete his or her class with incredible original work that can go towards creating a portfolio. We strive to expose our students to this vast digital world in order to help them discover new talents and possible career paths.



With Blender, a 3D modeling and texturing program, students will learn to create detailed 3D models and sculptures. Using a digital drawing tablet, students will learn how to sculpt an object from scratch into a highly detailed character. Each week students will work on different projects to hone their skills and by the end of the class will have portfolio ready projects completed.

SAT: 01/16 – 03/12, 10AM – 12PM, Ages 9-12

SUN: 01/17 – 03/13 11:15AM – 1:15PM, Ages 9-12


Wearable technology is becoming more and more popular everyday, especially when devices such as fit bits and apple watches exist. However, what if we were to incorporate technology into fashion? In this class, students will learn to invent and create a functional wearable garment, such as a shirt that lights up when reacting to sound, light, or temperature.

SAT: 01/16 – 03/12, 12:45PM – 2:45PM, Ages 9-12

SUN: 01/17 – 03/13 11:15AM – 1:15PM, Ages 9-12


From rings to earrings and necklaces and hair clips, there is practically no limitation to what you can create in this class. Using CAD software, students will design original pieces of custom fit jewelry. Students will also learn how to safely and proposal operate our 3D printers, and use them to print their creations!

SAT: 01/16 – 03/12, 10AM – 12PM, Ages 9-12


“A wonderful way for a teen to learn something and have fun during the summer! It is hard to find programs aimed for High Schoolers and I was thrilled that the DAE had them. My child loved her class- money well spent”

“My son told us repeatedly that these weeks were the best of his life! He was encouraged to be creative and the teachers were so flexible in helping him achieve that. Thanks for an awesome summer”

“My daughter was definitely inspired by what she learned. She came home animated and excited to keep learning!”

“I did research all the other national camps and I’m so glad I went with something more home grown and local. I felt it was more intimate. Superior customer service. Rob was very accessible and everyone was very attentive. Gabe had an amazing time. He felt right at home!”