The Digital Arts Experience aims to provide a unique opportunity for the kids & teens of the Westchester, Rockland and Fairfield communities to explore the world of creative technology, digital art, STEM related fields and more! Our programs are goal oriented and focus on hands on learning so each and every student will complete his or her class with incredible original work that can go towards creating a portfolio. We strive to expose our students to the digital world in order to help them discover new talents and possible career paths.

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Introducing the newest addition to The DAE: DAE Makerclub! DAE Makerclub is for students who have developed the skills in DAE classes to work on self guided projects. A Maker Club memberships allows a student access to DAE facilities and tools Monday through Saturday during our normal business hours. Maker Club members have the freedom to use all DAE workspaces, technology and tools as long as they are not being used by a class. This includes our computer labs, Makerspace, Multipurpose Room, and even our Recording Studio! For more info click here!

New Classes

3D Game Design

Ever wanted to learn how to make 3D games? Join us in this unique class that will show you how to build an awesome platformer using Unity, a powerful and free game design program!

Android App Development

Learn how to create and run a debuggable version of the app. You’ll also learn fundamentals of Android app design, including how to build a simple user interface.


Throughout the course, students will learn how to write simple yet effective code, learning the core concepts of program creation in the process. By the end of the course, students will have completed 3 working programs, and a small text-based Role Playing Game.

Popular Classes


Scratch is a tile-based visual programing language that helps teach syntax and logic concepts that drive computer programming. Scratch can be used to create interactive stories, animations, video games and much more, all by stacking command blocks. Students create their very own projects that they can view and edit from home.

3D Printing

This class will cover the history of this incredible technology, the various types of 3D printers, how to properly prepare and operate our printer, and how to model an object from scratch. The class will culminate with each student designing and printing their own unique objects to print and take home!

Minecraft 3D Printing

In this class, students will have projects to create stunning landscapes, architectural structures, buildings and other designs in Creative Mode of Minecraft which they will be able to export their designs and 3D Print them to take home! Students will learn about 3D Printing and how to properly & safely use the 3D Printer.

“A wonderful way for a teen to learn something and have fun during the summer! It is hard to find programs aimed for High Schoolers and I was thrilled that the DAE had them. My child loved her class- money well spent”

“Ezra told us repeatedly that these weeks were the best of his life! He was encouraged to be creative and the teachers were so flexible in helping him achieve that. Thanks for an awesome summer”

“My daughter was definitely inspired by what she learned. She came home animated and excited to keep learning!”

“I did research all the other national camps and I’m so glad I went with something more home grown and local. I felt it was more intimate. Superior customer service. Rob was very accessible and everyone was very attentive. Gabe had an amazing time. He felt right at home!”