The Digital Arts Experience (DAE) offers summer STEM classes to children of all ages. Each class teaches the child something new and provides a fun structure while learning. Both articles, “How Does Technology Prepare for the Future?” by GoGuardian and “The Benefits of STEM Education for Children” by National Inventors Hall of Fame, touch on the benefits of technology inside the classroom and children’s futures ahead.

The five benefits of providing technology inside the classroom:

Explorers play Dungeons & Dragons at The DAE.

Gamifying Lessons

Static lessons are less likely to engage students. Using games, especially for younger students, helps to keep them engaged.

after school workshop scarsdale

Students sketch out their designs on paper, before modeling them in TinkerCAD.

Self-Directed Learning 

Students are now learning at their own speed. If they need to study one subject longer, they can. If they’re ready to move on, they’re able to.

Student collaborates with his instructor, Evan, to design a Pokeball in TinkerCAD.


Both teachers and students can work with others around the world.

STEAM Summer Camp

Student merges video games with their graphic design project.

Differentiated Instruction 

Not every student can learn from lectures or reading. Some concepts are difficult to grasp without interaction. Technology allows students to learn in a variety of ways and find what best suits their needs.

The DAE has added virtual classes to their summer catalog for 2021.

Distance Learning 

Recent events have led to the need for technology to supplement virtual instruction in the absence of in-person, in-school learning.

STEAM in the 21st century

STEAM education is important for children with focusing on the value of hands-on learning with real-world problems. We are preparing our children to become innovators and inventors by learning skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, curiosity, leadership, acceptance of failure and more. Places with summer programs, makerspaces, YouTube studios, and more help to provide the hands-on experience that children crave.

Summer camp at The DAE

Over the past 9 years, we have been absolutely been blown away by the advancements in technology, computers and gaming. We are even more impressed by the things our students have created, all while adapting to new technology. In our programs, many parents have made outstanding comments on how their children love coming to our facility in Scarsdale, New York, and can’t wait to explore more in their next sessions.

“I thought I should circle back and give a huge THANK YOU for the amazing summer he had in virtual classes with you. He was absolutely riveted by the classes, loved his instructors, and feels so confident after acquiring so many new skills. He’s going to be fully virtual at school this year, and I think his DAE classes have helped prepare him to learn in that format going forward. How amazing for him to come out of a difficult summer feeling so positive.”

– Heather M. 

”The DAE is a great and collaborative setting for him to work on new skills (or familiar skills with a twist!) in a very collaborative environment. Elijah was fantastic at involving all the students and giving each of them the personal attention and keeping everyone acting respectfully of the others. No small feat for an online class of young Minecrafters!”

–  Caroline W.

We hope to see some old and new faces in our summer camp this year!