For Visual Creators

YouTuber Kit

Get your child set up to be the next YouTube star with this YouTuber kit! Complete with a phone tripod, microphone, and LED light, this kit will allow your aspiring YouTuber to create super high-quality productions wherever they are filming! Bundle this kit with our Become a YouTuber class and your child will have the skills and equipment to create professional YouTube videos!

Price: ~$52

Huion Digital Drawing tablet

For aspiring digital artists & animators, there is no better tool than a drawing tablet! Drawing tablets act like digital pen and paper, allowing artists to use the natural feeling of drawing to create art on their computer. This Huion tablet is a great, low-cost way to get your child started with creating incredible works of digital art. Coupled with a great free program like Gravit, Open Toonz, or GIMP, plus an animation or digital illustration class with The DAE, and your child will on their way to becoming a pro!

Price: ~$34

Procreate & Apple Pencil

The iPad is an outstanding tool for creating digital art and animations. Procreate is the go-to drawing program for the iPad, and coupled with the Apple Pencil, it allows aspiring artists to express themselves in amazing ways. It’s incredible how much detail users can get into utilizing these simple tools. At only $9.99 on the Apple App store, Procreate is a steal!

Price for Procreate: ~$9.99

Price for Apple Pencil: $99 – $129

For Gamers

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

There is no better gift for a gamer than an awesome gaming mouse and keyboard set! This set has an awesome LED-backlit keyboard that can be customized with different lighting modes and effects and the mouse is super accurate and even weights so your gamer can tune the mouse to the perfect feel! Bundle this set with our gaming club and your child can hang with other passionate gamers, talk & explore all things gaming, and even learn about how games are designed!

Price: ~$37

For Dungeons & Dragons Enthusiasts

Dungeons and Dragons Starter Kit

If your child is totally new to D&D or just played a few games, this starter kit includes everything they need to explore a fantastic world of adventure, battle monsters, find treasures, and overcome quests! And if your aspiring adventurer needs to find people to play D&D, bundle this kit with our D&D Club, and they’ll meet fellow enthusiasts, share ideas, and quest together!

Price: ~$15

Dungeon Master Kit

For D&D players looking to take on their next adventure, becoming a Dungeon Master is a formidable challenge! This Dungeon Master kit is a great tool to have in their inventory to become the ultimate DM! The kit has everything your child will need to lead a campaign, including the player’s handbook, Dungeon Master Guide, Monster Manual, and DM screen! Bundle this with our Dungeon Master workshop and soon your child will be leading games in our D&D Club!

Price: ~$92

For Techies

Raspberry Pi Model 400

Raspberry Pi has been making pocket-sized, customizable computers for years and their new Raspberry Pi Model 400 is a fully functioning computer built into a keyboard! With this computer, you can install a variety of different operating systems, connect 2 monitors, and work on nearly any techy project! Book a coding class or private lesson series with The DAE, and your child can explore all of the Raspberry Pie’s capabilities!

Price: ~$100

Pair with a DAE Coding class:

Arduino Kit

An Arduino kit is the ultimate gift for a techie! Arduinos are small computers that allow you to design, build interactive projects ranging from motion sensor alarms to robotic arms! The coolest part is that Arduinos combine electronics with programming so your child can explore the world of physical computing by wiring and coding their own inventions! Bundle this kit with a coding class at The DAE and your child will be on their way to becoming a true inventor!

Price: ~$73

For Gadget-Lovers

Prusa Mini 3D Printer

There are few things cooler than a 3D printer and with Prusa Mini, your child can start fabricating and printing their own models, products, and inventions! We are HUGE fans of Prusa 3D printers at The DAE and this Prusa Mini is an outstanding printer at an absolutely incredible price! Combine this printer with a 3D modeling class at The DAE and your child will be printing incredible designs in no time!

Price: ~$349

Tello Drone

The Tello Drone is made by DJI, the leading company in drones, but unlike most, this is a great affordable way to get your child into drone flying! The Tello is small, safe to fly indoors, and is operated from your smartphone or tablet with a free app. The best part, your child can use Scratch to learn how to program the drone to perform amazing aerial maneuvers. Bundle the Tello with a Scratch class at The DAE and you’ll have the perfect holiday gift for your aspiring drone pilot!

Price: ~$155

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