There are so many fun things for kids to do after school in Chappaqua, NY

So which ones should your kids participate in?

The Digital Arts Experience is teaming up with hip-kid on South Greeley Ave. to bring fun, educational, and most importantly, hands-on workshops to Chappaqua and the Town of New Castle.


1) 3D Printing and Design

Students learn how to safely operate a 3D printer. Using Tinkercad, students will learn how to design and 3D print original objects from scratch!

Tuesdays 9/26 -12/5 (10 weeks) 5-6pm Ages 8-12, no class 10/31

2) Adventures in Scratch Programming

Students will explore coding and the ins and outs of creating games with Scratch. By the end of the class, students will have made their own games!

Wednesdays 9/27 – 12/6 (10 weeks) 5-6pm Ages 8-12, no class 11/22

3) Minecraft Character Modeling

This class uses Blender, a 3D animation program to explore the world of modeling, texturing and animation!

Thursdays 9/28 – 12/7 (10 weeks) 5-6pm Ages 8-12, no class 11/23

Things to consider when choosing a class:

Will your child enjoy it? Is it close to home? Will they have original work to show for their time? Can they use what they’ve learned in the real world?

We believe all of the answers to these questions are yes. To find out more or enroll your child in Full Steam Ahead at Hip-Kid, please visit:


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