My child is obsessed with Fortnite, should I be concerned?

If you have kids that are into gaming, you’ve more than likely heard of Fortnite. Kids are obsessed with it. You may be wondering if your childrens’ interest in it is a problem. We don’t believe that’s the case, pending they get all of their homework and chores done first! Let’s explore three reasons why we think Fortnite isn’t as bad as you may think.  

But first, do a little homework of your own by watching this Fortnite gameplay trailer.

(Because as a parent, only you can decide what’s right for your kids.)

Fortnite is about strategy.

Your kids love playing the game because it’s exciting and and involves strategic thinking. Players must find shelter, remain aware, plan ahead (to avoid the storm), employ tactics (like staying to the high ground), ration their food and ammunition, and so on. In an earlier blog post, Is Fornite safe for my kids?, we analyzed the game and concluded that the graphical content and gameplay aren’t bad compared to the violence of other games. The visuals take on a cartoon-like quality and players who are destroyed simply disappear (there’s no gore).  The only aspect of the game parents should keep an eye on is the live chat feature where there’s open communication with just about anyone around the world playing the game. This leaves the chat open to foul language, harassment or other harmful language.

It’s Social.

Many video games can isolate players from the “real world”, limiting their social interaction. What’s great about Fortnite, is its a very social game! In both game modes, all players are real people. Kids can even team up with their friends where they can choose from 3 game modes: 

  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Squad

As the game mode suggestions, in solo, you are dropped into the game by yourself. In Duo, you and a friend play together and in Squad, you play in a team of four. In Duo or Squad mode, you can either choose to play with friends or enter a queue where the game will pair you up with random players.

Most kids who play Fornite will be using their gaming headset which allows them to communicate via voice chat with their friends. So not only are they playing alongside friends, but they’re able to openly chat with them. This can get pretty interactive as they’ll often strategize about tactics and game plans. “Go left!”, “Run for cover!”, “Incoming from the North West” are common phrases you’ll hear as kids try to find a way to victory.

Parents can leverage it as a privilage.

If Fortnite is something the kids love more than anything, parents can employ it is a reward for good behavior, finishing homework and doing chores. Using it as a tool for positive reinforcement can help kids understand priorities.

It can, with caution, also be used as a punishment tactic. Kids not behaving? Threaten to cut off their Fortnite time. Be sure that they understand it’s a privilege to play the game and should be treated as a reward. After all, they love playing the game and get to have fun with their friends.

Many sites recommend Fortnite for kids ages 13+. We would generally say that it is okay for kids as young as 9, but should be played with adult supervision. Got questions about Fortnite? Reach out to our team at

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