Our students come to class with so many amazing ideas here at The Digital Arts Experience and with access to our exceptional technology and the guidance of our outstanding instructors, they are able to turn those ideas into real projects. We want parents, guardians, and friends to see them too, so here are just a few of the creative projects from Session 1 that are too good not to share!

Student: Gabriel
Project: Chess Set
Class: 3D Printing & Design
Instructors: Brianne & Kat

Gabriel is a fan of playing chess with his mom, and decided he wanted his project to be designing and 3D printing his own custom chess pieces! There are 32 pieces in a chess set, and Gabriel has 3D modeled just about all of them in a free online program called Tinkercad. With each piece only taking 10 minutes to print on our Makerbot Replicator 2, he should have the entire set to take home by the end of the session.

Instructors Brianne and Kat are both graphic designers with experience in digital fabrication and even product design. They both love the topic so much, they even have their own 3D printers at home!

Project: Original Comic Book Panels
Class: Comic Book Design
Instructor: Celina

Each student in Celina’s class is working on their own storyline, drawing each panel as they go with Wacom’s awesome digital drawing tablets. Basic drawing skills, color theory, and what makes a good character are just a few of the topics covered in this class. The students are challenged to complete at least one chapter of their story with each page ranging from 2 to 6 panels on each page. Each student draws at their own pace and decides how many panels and pages they want their story to be.

Celina’s background is in traditional drawing and animation. Her profound experience helps guide the students when it comes to the visuals, and how to utilize Photoshop’s wide array of drawing tools and troubleshooting when a problem arises. See one of the work-in-progress comics below!



Comic Book Design Student Work at The Digital Arts Experience



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