Children and teens love our Saturday classes – and so does our onsite team of admin and instructors. Having classes on Saturdays allow the students to meet others just like them outside of regular school. Now that we are able to invite students back into our physical space in Scarsdale, we have witnessed a major mood boost in our students and staff! The best part is that these classes are also running all summer long. Here’s a peek at the work that some of our students have made in those classes:

Become a YouTuber

In our YouTube class, students have created vlogs about some of their favorite things such as games and even their favorite movie characters. They’ve used the green screen to change their background location alongside other video editing techniques such as animating text and photos. – Thalia (YouTube instructor)

3D Printing & Design

We are currently creating complicated characters using the basic shapes in Tinkercad. This means we have to consider all the parts of the body and what shapes best work to create them. – Evan (3D printing instructor)

Intro to Java Coding

In our Java class, we are working on adding a person to our traffic light project and having them cross the street when they press the left or right button on the keyboard. The traffic light is coded so it changes color every few seconds. – Gabe (Java instructor)

Intro to Digital Drawing

Our class is all about helping each other bring our creative ideas to life! Currently, half the class is working on animation with gifs, the other half is focusing on putting a character in a scene. We also had our show and tell today that the students always look forward to! – Cara (design instructor)

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