One of the hottest topics of the summer has been the massively popular video game, Fortnite.

It’s popularity exploded earlier on in the year and it hasn’t seemed to die down. If you’re worried about how to balance your child’s Fortnite obsession with the incoming busy school calendar, here are a few tips we’ve gathered from talking with parents.

(But first, watch this hilarious video of Moms overdubbing their kids playing Fortnite…)

1. Start with an open conversation

Set the right expectations for your child. Sit them down, have a conversation that sets rules and boundaries. Be upfront about what your expectations and repercussions are. This way, right from the start of the school year, your child will have boundaries set including when they can play Fortnite, and for how long.

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2. Use Fortnite time as a reward

Employ the game as a reward for good behavior, finishing homework and doing chores. Using it as a tool for positive reinforcement can help kids understand priorities.

It can, with caution, also be used as a punishment tactic. Kids not behaving? Threaten to cut off their Fortnite time. Be sure that they understand it’s a privilege to play the game and should be treated as a reward.

fortnite back to school

3. Try playing alongside your child or at least spectating

Spending precious time with your family is oh so important. Once the school year resumes, time is stretched thin and it can be hard to find time for leisure. Playing (or at least attempting to play!) alongside your child can be a great way to connect. Don’t think you have the skills to play? Be an active spectator (and cheerleader!). It’s not too different from attending your child’s soccer match. Your presence of being there and showing interest means more than you may think, even if your kids think they’re too cool for you.

If your child outwardly doesn’t want you to spectate or play with – don’t worry! They could be playing with friends and want to save face. Scope it out. Refer back to Step 1. Be open and communicative about things. Talk to your child about the possibility of you watching or playing, or try to schedule family-only Fortnite time.

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4. Find out what they like

When you can’t play the game with your child, watch it with them! With popular social media platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming, viewers can tune in from anywhere in the world to watch others live stream video games. Find out if your kid watches Fortnite (and other games) live streams or video content. You’d be surprised at how wildly popular the game is, with thousands of people live streaming their gameplay at any given time of day. Personalities like Ninja, Myth, Nick Eh 30 and many more are titans of the Fortnite gaming world.


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Parents: Is Fortnite safe for my kids?