The Digital Arts Experience hosts regular Open Houses to inform the community what’s going in STEAM ed, but also to let new families know just what they’re getting into when they sign up for a class at The DAE. With a number of fun, creative, and engaging STEAM activities going on using cutting edge tech, there’s something for everyone to discover. If your reason for attending open house is because you’re interested in a class for your child OR you’re just looking to get the kids out of the house for a night of discovery, you will have come to the right place!

ways to make the most of open house

Here are 4 ways to make the most of open house at The DAE:

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1) Arrive early

Open house runs 5pm-7pm. To ensure you have plenty of time to visit each station, plan to arrive near 5pm. You’re family will be given a map to facilitate your own self-guided tour, with plenty of awesome stops along your journey. Destinations along your tour will include 3D printing, modeling and fabrication in the makerspace, drone programming and Scratch, trying out the VR headset with Unity, playing with Edison robots, pitting Robothink Robots against one another, typing out python code to create artwork and games in the main room… you get the idea.

2) Ask lots of questions

With something new going on all the time here at The DAE, chances are you’ll be curious. Want to know how something works, or how a class is structured? Ask an instructor! Want to know what kind of experience our instructors have, how long we’ve been open, inquire about our teaching methodologies, or have schedule questions? Ask one of our friendly admin team members! And as we always tell our kids, if we don’t know the answer, we will help you find it!


3) Try something new, then encourage your kids to follow suit

The comfort zone is real. While some kids naturally tend to be fine with venturing outside of theirs, there are many children who are a bit more reserved. But from our observations over the last 6 years at The Digital Arts Experience, sometimes all it takes is a little gentle encouragement and participation from a parent to get a child out of their shell and trying new things. The best part about trying something new: the potential to love it! Who knows what kinds of cool stuff the kids will discover, simply by doing something a little scary or unfamiliar. Added bonus: if you’re leading by example, that means you get to try cool new stuff too!

4) Check out the course catalog ahead of time

As busy parents, we know you don’t have much time to spare. But, a quick glance at the will allow you to peruse what classes are being offered. On the left panel of the registration page, you can narrow down the classes by age or class selection. If you come to open house armed with knowledge, you’ll be that much more prepared to ask questions and encourage your family to engage with their interests in a meaningful way.

Learn more about classes, summer camps and workshops at The Digital Arts Experience. Visit us at 303 Central Park Ave. in Scarsdale or give us a call: 914-644-8100.

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