We’ve put together some of our favorite podcasts in technology, STEAM and education. Sit back, relax, and put on your headphones to enjoy! Or give one a try on your next road trip or commute to work.

Science VS

If you’re a beginner to the STEM podcast industry, you should totally give this a listen. This podcast is about an informal and entertaining discussion among the strongest and interesting facts in scientific history. This podcast is hosted by Wendy Zuckerman.

“Tons of us are spending waaaayyy more time using screens these days — and it’s freaking us out. We’ve got all kinds of worries. Like, is all this screen time rotting kids’ brains? Is social media destroying our mental health? And then there’s our eyes. Our eyes!! Are all these screens ruining them too?! To find out, we speak to psychologist Dr. Brenna Hassinger-Das, communication studies researcher Dr. Natalie Pennington and optical physicist Dr. Maitreyee Roy.”

– Wendy Zuckerman

STEM Podcast


Remarkable Chatter: STEM Everyday Podcast 

Since homeschooling is on the rise, this podcast will help out parents and teachers with finding new ways to approach STEM learning into their everyday routines, such as lesson planning, giving advice to children, and most of all making them fully understand and comprehend what’s fully going on with the information given at hand.

“For many of you, the school year has just begun or you are getting ready to head back for a new school year.  Today we thought we would go back in time a bit to July 23, 2014 when episode #3 of STEM Everyday originally aired.  In this episode host, Chris Woods talks about ways teachers can share, collaborate, and help each other out to create a STEM Culture in your school.”

– Chris Woods

STEM Podcast


Unprofessional Engineering 

This podcast is for children that are interested in STEM and provides general information about this industry. It discusses how to conduct STEM research, and applies that to everyday life in an easier manner. Sit back and enjoy this brief walkthrough of Steve Wozniak’s life (thus far), how he got started with Apple, or how Apple really started with him, his other inventions like the universal remote, and so much more!

“When you think about Apple, obviously you think of Steve, right? No, not that one. Steve Wozniak, lovingly known as Woz. You have probably heard of Woz, but do you know how important his role with Apple was? Some might argue that he was more important than his more well known counterpart, Steve Jobs.”

– James (host)

STEM Podcast


STEM on Fire 

This podcast gives further insight on STEM. It conducts interviews with current researchers, practicing professionals, and former specialists about their jobs. They discuss their jobs on how it impacts the world, and what’s expected from the future. 

“The “STEM on FIRE” Podcast targets students thinking about or already pursuing a STEM education by interviewing practicing professionals in the STEM field.” – Jeff Nigh (host)

STEM Podcast


Her Stem Story 

Women share their impact on the STEM industry, even though they’ve been constantly overlooked in society by men. This podcast allows women to not only share their impact but also give their perspective and share contributions to this industry while thriving. 

Caitlin Hirschler is a materials engineer from Georgia Tech, currently working in world’s largest wire and cable manufacturer Prysmian Group and is a LGBTQ community advocate inside and outside of STEM. The PRIDE month means more than rainbow washing for Caitlin and they shares all about how we can all become more inclusive and accommodating of the LGBTQ community. Caitlin bravely opens up about their challenges while coming out in college, how they managed to build a successful STEM career while dealing with disabilities and how they thinks STEM can do a better job of celebrating and inculcating the values of PRIDE in their organizations.

STEM Podcast

Overall, these 5 Stem podcasts are very beneficial for children and their parents to listen to more about this industry and to see what the future brings!  Click on this article for more amazing podcasts: https://futurumcareers.com/10-stem-podcasts-you-should-listen-to-right-now