You need to find an activity for your child who loves the computer.

Perhaps he or she is obsessed with video games, watching YouTube, or playing games online. Maybe your kid is really into the computer in general and you’re trying to figure out how he or she can increase their practical knowledge, be productive, AND enjoy themselves. You’re considering signing him or her up for a computer, tech, or STEAM camp… But for whatever reason, you’re not sure if a camp like this is a good fit for your family. There are many reasons to sign your child up for a camp of this nature including both the learning and social aspects.

Here are 5 reasons to attend a gaming or computer camp:

1) Multifaceted learning

The need for computational thinking is at an all time high. But apart from that, STEAM concepts benefit kids across many areas of education. For instance, when building a maze game in The Scratch programming language (An introduction to coding platform built by MIT), students are introduced to math concepts like coordinates on a cartesian grid and the X & Y axes in addition to CS concepts such as object-oriented programming, loops, variables, conditionals, operators and more. In our experience, we often introduce students to math and other concepts before they go on to learn them in the classroom.

2) Technology can jumpstart creativity

According to Greg Satell in an article published on Forbes, “[technology] drastically reduces the cost of actualizing our intent.  We can search domains, mix and match ideas and test concepts almost effortlessly.  That means we can try out a lot more possibilities and increase the chances of producing something truly outstanding.” In today’s digital world, kids have an abundance of resources right at their finger tips. A camp that focuses on utilizing these resources to produce work both in the digital (games, websites, etc.) and analog (electronics, microprocessors, etc.) formats could be just the thing a child requires to jumpstart and prolong their creativity.

5 Reasons to attend a gaming or computer camp

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3) Diversity is trending

In recent months, there’s been an upward trend in cultural and gender diversity in the tech sphere (i.e. Uber settling a class action suit with it’s female employees and drastically overhauling their management, etc.). Because social norms continue to evolve and most tech camps are attuned to this, it’s safe to say that there is room for everyone at computer camp. As an example of our personal experience at the DAE, in our 2018 winter and spring break camps, girls made up 30% and 40% (respectively) of the total students who registered — a vastly different number than those who would have attended even a few years ago, thanks to initiatives by organizations like, etc.

5 reasons to attend a gaming or computer camp

4) Structured computer experience sets kids up for success

According to, computing jobs are the number one source of new wages in the US. Because economic trends have been reflected in an increasingly automated job market, jobs across industries will require CS knowledge. For example, in 2018 knowing HTML/CSS in edition to graphic design puts a job-seeking designer in a much better position than a non-programming designer, simply because it makes more sense to hire one person that can handle both. By default, knowing even basic programming skills gives a designer creative control, especially when it comes to designing anything web-based.

reasons to attend a gaming or computer camp

5) Building a video game is proactive

Many kids are fascinated by and can spend countless hours playing video games. In a computer camp where kids get to build their own games, suddenly they’re expected to think about why they find a particular game so interesting. Also, the process of building the game allows the creator to fail forward. By focusing on the process rather than the outcome, proposing possible actions and iterating solutions, children build invaluable problem-solving skills.

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