1. Maze Game

Below is the code that was used to program the famous Scratch cat to move around the purple maze. Anyone with a keyboard can play their game!

2. Baseball Catch Game

Here’s how this young programmer made sound effects a part of their game! Sound adds an extra layer to any game and making it more interesting to the player.


3. Hedgehog Run

The code below dictates that when the hedgehog sprite touches any of the icons with the dark purple border, the game ends!


4. Rainbow Art

Here, the student coded the left and right arrow keys so that you can draw with any brush size. If you were making this game yourself, you can code any key you want!


5. Kaleidoscope Art

Here, each of the 3 sprites turn in 15 degree increments, making a really cool and unique design.

Let us know if you try any of these fun coding ideas. The best part about Scratch, is that you can customize your games to fit your personal interests. Be sure to check out the Scratch Team’s official resource page for Scratch Week HERE.

Scratch Week is May 17 – 23, 2021.