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Our kids ADORE Minecraft. So much that we regularly hold birthday parties in our mobile classroom as well as our facility. (We bring computers, set up a private server… the works!) Trust us, we’ve seen a LOT of Minecraft parties. One thing we love is when parents get creative with their kids’ festivities. And many of them take to — you guessed it — Pinterest, for said ideas. Here are just a few that we’ve found online to get started hosting a Minecraft party — DIY style.

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Minecraft Decoration Ideas

To make sure everyone knows where the birthday house is…


Make spiders and other animals out of party material you already have… Tape, streamers, and balloons!

Transform your house into another world complete with a series of Nether Portals…


Minecraft Party Games

Keep the kids entertained with a rousing game of “Pin the tail on the pig”, Creeper Toss, Don’t Eat Steve Bingo, or a DIY Piñata!

Check out pictures from our last Minecraft Tournament

And don’t forget to send them home with a bag of Minecraft goodies. Print out Steve heads and glue them to folded paper bags, then stuff with knick-knacks found in this blog post. That simple!

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