Lory, Creative Director at The Digital Arts Experience was interviewed by Skye, the Content Marketing Assistant, to share her thoughts on how this year’s summer camp is going and what’s to be expected this year.


How did you prepare for the first day of summer camp?

We’ve been preparing for some months now, ever since the guidelines have started lifting and a lot of our staff members have been getting vaccinated back in April and May. We’ve realized that an in-person summer camp was going to be a reality for us, and we decide to prepare an in-person and online offering, so people who were comfortable coming in person were able to do so, and if they weren’t they can do an online class!


What was the children & parent’s reaction when they first walked in?

I think everyone was really excited, new students who came in were like, “Wow this place is so cool” and a lot of parents complimented the place as well.

A lot of the kids know our instructors, and we’re really excited to have that connection with the instructors again.


What did you learn from last year’s virtual summer camp experience that can be applied to this year?

Last year we really learned that parents wanted flexibility because no one really knew what was happening, everything done happened so quickly and it was kinda a shocker for everyone. No one really wanted to commit to a class, so we did workshops on our Youtube Channel, and we did a lot of live streams which was really cool for our instructors to have a creative outlet.


What are you looking forward to at this year’s summer camp since covid has eased?

This summer I’m really looking forward to seeing what the kids make, we have pretty much a full space so it’s really cool to walk around and see what everyone is working on. This summer I’m going to work on a weekly class highlight so you’ll see that on our youtube channel as well.


What are your expectations for this year’s camp in comparison to last year’s in order to keep things flexible for The DAE and the children?

What I hear from most parents is that their kids have been burnt out, they really don’t want to do another online class, and are ready to come back in person. We’re still wearing our masks, all of our staff is vaccinated, and I expect that will have a great fall afterschool and Saturday program back up and running.

I’m just really really happy that we’re back in person, and it’s only day 3 and everyone is awesome!