Our Vision

Have our students work together in an open, collaborative environment where they feel encouraged to take risks and complete original projects with the goal of preparing them for success in their future.

Our Mission

We strive to expose our students to STEAM education in order to help them discover new interests, talents and possible career paths.

Core Values

Small groups, hands-on projects, a bully-free environment, and a collaborative teaching approach.

Meet Our Admin Team

Rob Kissner

President & CEO

Rob has been involved in digital media arts for 15 years. Graduating from Emerson College in Media Production, Rob managed a historic recording studio and worked with artists like Katt Williams, The Jonas Brothers, and Duran Duran.
Previously working for Apple, Rob has experience teaching everything from Mac basics to professional software.

Nick Sceusa

Director of Operations

Nick spends most of his free time playing videos games, reading books and watching movies. At some point during his youth, computer graphics technology started to improve, making big impacts on movies and games. He was fascinated by the technology and wanted to learn more. He attended Purdue University in West Lafayette to study Computer Graphics Technology. After earning his Bachelors of Science and spending some time in the workforce he joined the DAE in 2012.

Lory Murariu

Creative Director

Lory graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BA in New Media. In 2014 she interned at The DAE, helping in the 3D Printing classes. While always having an interest in art & tech of all forms, she wished there were more opportunities as a kid to explore technology.
Now she helps out with the daily operations and creates graphics, posters and more.

Meet Our Instructors

Josh C.

3D Printing and Digital Music Instructor


Cara G.

Digital Art Instructor

Cara is from a large family that has been in Rye, NY for 4 generations. In Highschool, she had a few teachers who taught both of her parents! She pursued a degree in Art Education at Long Island University, Post campus.
One of her favorite things to do is listening to her favorite music with headphones as she draws comics in her sketchbook!

Evan M.

Scratch Coding, Animation and 3D Printing Instructor

Evan grew up in Ossining and moved to White Plains close to when he started high school. He found the DAE from a work program at his school, around junior year. He’s currently going to college at WCC. He’s been at The DAE for around 4 years. He enjoys playing all kinds of video games and creating original music.

Chase P.

Animation Instructor

Chase grew up in White Plains and went to WCC. He heard about the DAE from a radio ad and started as a student. Then he was an intern for a while until he started teaching animation! He also helps run our Dungeons & Dragons Club after-school.

David K.

Python Coding Instructor

David decided to pursue a degree in computer science when he found that he had an affinity for learning languages. After graduating, he knew that he wanted to affect change through training/education. David feels that his ambitions aligned with The DAE’s mission. He enjoys working on games, real/air guitar, and racquet sports.

Thalia P.

Photography/Design Instructor

Thalia grew up in Ossining, New York and went to college at SUNY Purchase for Photography. At the DAE, she teaches a variety of classes in visual arts such as photography and digital drawing. She loves photography, Traveling and reading!

Patrick M.

3D Modeling and Animation Instructor

Patrick has been part of the DAE for over 4 years. He has taught classes in 3D printing, 3D modeling, traditional animation and much more. He also developed our Create VR Experiences with Unity course! He loves all things Star Wars and is a fantastic artist.

Elijah L.

Minecraft Builders Instructor

Elijah has been part of The DAE a few years. If you take any of our Minecraft classes, Elijah will most likely be your instructor! He helped create and develop our Minecraft Builders Club and loves chatting with students to find out what they are passionate about.

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