Winter STEM Computer Classes & Programs for Kids


We strive to stay cutting edge, which is why we've introduced new classes this Spring including: Tabletop Game Design, It’s Alive! Bringing Monsters to Life with Blender, Product Design & more!


Enroll in either 6 or 12 weeks of a course. Weekday programs are 90 minutes long, weekend are 2 hours.


Our programs follow DAE curriculum designed with STEAM fields in mind. We want our students to have fun all while learning the most up to date digital arts and technology skills!

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At The Digital Arts Experience, we are all about culture.

We want our students to engage in a positive, bully-free, learning environment.


Individuality is celebrated in our programs and we encourage our students to use their creativity to work towards their projects.


As our name suggestions, we want you to have an awesome experience here.


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