In-Person Fall Saturday Classes

FALL 2021

This isn’t just a STEAM Class. We are about culture, creativity, and community.

We want our students to engage their imaginations in a positive, bully-free, learning environment. Individuality is celebrated while social interaction is nurtured. We encourage our students to use their creativity to work toward their goals, both alone and within the group. As our name suggestions, we want you to have an awesome experience here!

Stop playing video games and start making them!

10AM Become a YouTuber | Ages 9-12 | REGISTER
10AM Code Games with Scratch | Ages 7-10 | REGISTER
10AM Create Cartoons with Open Toonz | Ages 12+ | REGISTER
10AM Create Games with Roblox Studio | Ages 9-12 | REGISTER
10AM Intro to 3D Game Design with Unity | Ages 12+ | REGISTER
10AM Minecraft 3D Printing | Ages 7-12 | REGISTER
10AM Minecraft Redstone Engineers | Ages 7+ | REGISTER
10AM Start Coding with Python | Ages 9-12 | REGISTER

12:45PM 3D Minecraft Animation | Ages 9-12 | REGISTER
12:45PM Intro to 3D Animation with Blender | Ages 12+ | REGISTER
12:45PM Intro to 3D Printing & Laser Cutting| Ages 9-12 | REGISTER
12:45PM Intro to VFX (Visual Effects) | Ages 12+ | REGISTER
12:45PM Start Coding with Java | Ages 12+ | REGISTER

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