Project: Animal Hybrids with Photoshop
Class: Graphic Design
Instructor: Jordan

The students in the Graphic Design class are having some fun breeding their own new and wacky animal species with the magic of Photoshop. Using just a few layers, masks (to hide and reveal portions of layers) and multiple brushes, one student had combined the head of a monkey and the body of a golden retriever together!

Student: Ben
Project: “Tripod Clamp”
Class: Product Design
Instructor: Kat

In Product Design, each student thinks up a problem that they can solve with 3D printing. Each problem is different and relates to each student on a personal level, and the goal is to go home with a working prototype that helps them in their every day lives. One student Ben, wanted to 3D model and print something that can attach to a regular camera tripod and hold his iPhone. Students learn how to properly record unit measurements, how to sketch their models using a front, side, and top view, and finally how to use 123D Design to 3D model their prototypes. If the first or even second 3d printed prototype does not come out correctly, they try to figure out what was wrong and then edit their designs until they are functional.

Ben’s product sketches

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Session 4: 8/14 – 8/25

Session 5: 8/28 – 9/1  

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