Earlier this year, we received a call from an AT&T regional representative to partner with them to create the region’s first coding summer program exclusively for local underserved middle school students.

When our team first heard about the news, we were so excited that we can help encourage more students to enter the field of technology. The main idea was to give kids who didn’t have an opportunity to enroll in a computer camp, a chance to gain coding skills while learning how technology can be used for social good to curb cyberbullying and promote online safety.

We were given creative license to come up with the actual project, as well as the name for the program and all creative representing it. After a long Google document with many suggestions from our team, we finalized: Code Heroes – Learn to Code, Change the World with The Digital Arts Experience and AT&T.

Code Heroes aims to provide the following:

    • Basic computer skills
    • Knowledge from DAE instructors and mentors
    • Insight on how technology can be helpful in creating solutions to address many issues
    • Tips on how to be a good digital citizen
    • Team building skills and collaboration with peers
    • Experience with professional software and equipment

The Project: Students will address the impacts of cyberbullying and design a choose your own adventure game that presents a variety of different cyberbullying scenarios. Each group of students will be tasked to brainstorm and storyboard their scenarios, create custom graphics using Photoshop, and code their games using Scratch.

The program ends this Friday, on August 2nd. All the work that the students have created will be posted once the program has finished. We couldn’t be more thankful to AT&T for their generosity and support!

More information:  AT&T teams up with The Digital Arts Experience – The Patch


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