Another summer session and we are amazed with the work our students have created these past two weeks. Have a look below at some of their awesome projects and collaborative work. Interested in our other sessions? Visit our summer page here: thedae.com/summercamp


Project: Battle Bots!
Class: Robotics Challenge with Edison
Instructor: Katarina

“My students paired up in groups of 2 or 3. We created our own fun game of robot soccer, with goals and an arena (made from chairs and rubber bands), and a foam ball!”

battle bots

battle bot

battle bots

Project: Photoshop
Class: Digital Photography
Instructor: Thalia

“Paying attention to form, lines and light, my students learned how to photograph and edit in black and white. Using these new compositional skills, they are creating an experience of their lives that include their surroundings and self portraits.”

digital photography student work

Project: 3D Printed Castles
Class: 3D Printing
Instructor: Nicole

3d printing student work

Project: Custom “Snake” Game
Class: Java Programming
Instructor: Will

“In the final few days of Java, we are putting the finishing touches on our Snake game, this includes a restart function and some awesome sound effects.”


java programming

Class: 2D Animation
Instructor: Sabrina

“We use Wacom tablets to create our own drawings to animate! In the timeline we can customize our animation to get the feel that we want to achieve.”

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