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What is a Club?

Watch, play, and discuss, explore game design and animation concepts and even create projects of your own. Meet other gaming, YouTube, and animation enthusiasts as you explore, experiment, and have a blast! Mix and match your clubs when you sign up!

Tuesdays at 4pm!
Join the Electronics Club and learn how to design and fabricate your own interactive circuits, build computers and more! This club will focus on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other physical computing platforms. You’ll explore the circuitry & coding that goes into creating your own integrative projects.

Wednesdays at 4pm!
Join the Minecraft Builders Club and become a Minecraft Architect! This club is for people who love building in Minecraft’s Creative Mode and want to work together with other Minecrafters to create cities, moon bases, amusement parks, and more!

Thursdays at 4pm!
Join the YouTuber’s Club and become a pro!

What is a Quest?

Questers are given a crash course and some basic assets, then use the remaining time to put a game together and test it. This is about learning, having fun, and creating awesome projects together. Mix and match the Quests when you sign up! Each day presents a different prompt so you will always be testing your skills.

Tuesdays at 4pm!
Become a digital comic artist! Students will start by working with their instructor and their peers to create their own original characters and stories. They will then create basic storyboards of their comics. Once their storyboards are complete, they will create their comics digitally using digital drawing software

Wednesdays at 4pm!
Go on a quest to invent your own products using 3D printers! Each session, you will be provided with a design challenge, and you’ll have to use your creativity & 3D modeling skills to create a product that solves the challenge! As you build your skills, you will have opportunity to identify your own problems to solve with original inventions!

Thursdays at 4pm!
Learn to make 2D platformers in Scratch! In this class, you’ll bring your skills to the next level as you learn to create awesome games complete with gravity, multiple levels, or even side-scrolling! Recreate your own Super Mario or Flappy Bird-style games while you explore what makes video games fun and challenging!

Fridays at 4pm!
Learn to create logos, web graphics, movie posters, and much more! Students will explore the essential tools in Gravit, a free, web-based graphic design program, and create a variety of original projects ranging from graphics to custom fonts and more. No prior experience with Graphic Design is necessary.

What is Dungeons and Dragons Club?

Dungeons and Dragons, or D&D for short, is a tabletop roleplaying adventure game where players take on the role of a character. You can create swashbuckling rogue, a hearty barbarian, or a scholarly wizard. There are many types of characters and variations. You will go on a set of quests that are interlinked by a story. This is also know as a campaign. Things will change depending on how you decide to tackle a quest. You may drastically shift the course of events for good…or otherwise!

Dnd and other tabletop games also provide additional benefits such as improving critical thinking, providing a creative outlet, and a place to destress from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Packages? Tell me more!

When purchasing a Club, Quest or DnD Package you will:

  • Receive a custom certificate code unique to YOU
  • Your custom code will expire in 60 days, so definitely sign up in advance!
  • Acuity (our registration system) will show you any remaining balance that you may have. Remember, any unused balance after 60 days of purchasing expires and cannot be refunded.

Nick shows you how it works in the video below! If you have any questions, please email us at

Saturdays at 9:30AM, 11:30AM, or 1:30PM!

What is a Virtual Experience?

Virtual Experiences (classes) are something you already know and love. From programming, to game design, digital illustration, 3D modeling, and animation and so much more. Classes at The DAE are always project-focused, hands-on, collaborative, and fun!