12:45PM | Robotics and Coding with RoboThink (Intro & Part 2)

with RoboThink

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Ages 6-12 (Children will be grouped by age & experience)

Build robots with modular parts and make them move using sensors, motors and our Scratch-based coding program. RoboThink’s step-by-step projects introduce engineering concepts through engaging activities and challenges. RoboThink is a hands-on learning experience where kids maximize self-learning and discover that building robots is easy, educational and fun! RoboThink programs cultivate creativity, problem solving capabilities and an interest for learning through project based robotics activities.

With over 100 unique robots to build and maneuver, every RoboThink course will offer something different. Even if you've taken a RoboThink class before, there will be something new to explore in this session. For children ages 6-12. Children will be grouped by age. 

NO CLASS: 11/30

Payment plan available: $99.00 deposit plus 6 payments of $50.00, paid weekly

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303 Central Park Avenue
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November 2nd to December 14th, 2019
Array for 6 weeks from 12:45 - 2:45 pm