Computer Science Education Week (#CSEdWeek) is almost here, and the Digital Arts Experience is hosting a free Hour of Code and Open House to kick things off right.  On Monday December 8th, parents are encouraged to bring their kids and complete the Hour of Code together between the hours of 5-8pm.

Hour of Code

REGISTER NOW for the Hour of Code @ the DAE by sending an email to

hour of code

“The Hour of Code has been a tremendous teaching tool for us,” says Emily Angell, the Intro to Game Programming with Scratch Instructor. “Websites like,,, etc. have made programming incredibly accessible, especially for kids. Being able to sit with them and help them think linearly in a meaningful and creative way, it is just astonishing — the things they come up with once they understand how to control everything that happens in their project.”

The DAE currently offers classes in programming languages Scratch, Python and Java, RCX Code (the proprietary language of LEGO Mindstorm Robotics) and are offering Minecraft Modding with Java in the new year with new courses being unveiled every few weeks.  More and more schools, administrators, teachers and parents are beginning to understand just how important learning to code from an early age is. The Digital Arts Experience aims to make learning to code as accessible as possible to the Westchester and surrounding communities.

To learn more about the Hour of Code, visit