by Remy Kuhn, intern

Artist, lawyer, accountant, engineer, retailer, designer, you all have a certain idea about the type of place you’re supposed to work. Many business professionals are used to a typical office building with cubicles, a conference room, private desks, stylish spaces, etc. Then, there are the entrepreneurs who work out of their own homes for a startup and are sometimes frowned upon because it is too laid back of an environment and, thus, not as legitimate. However, it’s truly the type of profession you have that determines what space may work best for that particular job. Some may feel that being in a four-wall confined workspace helps them focus and get the job done, especially in the corporate world.

We here at The Digital Arts Experience, however, recognize that the creative fields are the exception where things are done a little differently. Creative fields working differently in less confined spaces is not something that should be looked down upon or not taken seriously; it is just a completely separate field. Creativity promotes working together, where having a friendly, inviting environment and an inspiring place is a top priority.

At The DAE, we have created a coworking space for creative individuals and business to work in an environment where their ideas are encouraged and improved. Coworking for creative companies allows for a means of a support system where creative juices are always flowing. Groups of people to turn to for advice, second opinions on projects and ideas, approval of your work and assistance push you to your greatest potential through providing constructive criticism. Working in these types of places is all about interaction, bouncing ideas off each other and constant communication.

I know that when I work in the art studio at school or when I come into work at The DAE, being around people and seeing others work creatively inspires me to get started and makes it easier to stay in the creative mode. When you see other talented people work and you get their input on new ideas, it only makes you want to do just as good of a job, if not better, because a little healthy creative competition will produce the best outcome!

As an artist, I know that design has a lot to do with interaction and communication because when designing for a website, logo, company, etc, you want to make sure that users understand and enjoy it as well. Collaboration allows people to add to each other’s ideas, which produces the best possible web interfaces and media design that are user-friendly and appealing to look at the same time.

In The DAE’s space, we have Silverback Social, Harquin Creative Group, New York Institute of Social Media, Counterspace, as well as many individuals who come in on a regular basis to use our facility. Our community provides a friendly working environment so, instead of dreading work in a cubicle for 8 hours a day, our coworkers are constantly communicating and becoming friends with each other, further fostering creative growth. We are proud to offer our space to such talented people whose expert advice and input helps us all reach our highest potential each day! Connecting with and surrounding yourself with fellow creative people in the workplace is key to a successful creative business!