Culture at The DAE: Preparation for Summer Camp

As we gear up for summer at The DAE, there are many tasks that our team must complete to make it successful. With our core staff of just a handful of people, we take pride in providing a totally unique and personalized experience for everyone who walks through our doors. We strive to maintain that local, “mom & pop” type of feel for our customers and students. After all, the word “experience” is in our name and reflected in our core values. To make the process of summer smooth for the parents and guardians of our students, we make every customer feel welcome and at home from the moment they walk in until they leave.


DAE Instructor Brianne Malloy works with students in TinkerCAD.

Connecting with parents and guardians is particularly important for many reasons. We want them to feel assured that their child is in good hands. It is also important to allow them to feel comfortable to express any concerns, questions or feedback with us. They are our most valued allies and when a parent or guardian has a positive experience, they are more likely to share it with friends who may also be interested in The DAE.

Finding the right instructors is something else that we do not take lightly at The DAE. The DAE’s instructors are experienced and passionate about teaching digital arts to kids and they are continuously involved with expanding the DAE course catalog with leading edge technologies and teaching techniques. DAE culture promotes innovation and engagement and ensures each student is able to access what they need to help explore their creative passions. Another big part of being a part of The DAE staff is personality. We want instructors who can connect socially with not only the rest of The DAE staff but more importantly, work well with kids too. They must have the skill to deliver the class content in a fun, yet educational way that promotes an open, collaborative class.


DAE Instructor Brianne Malloy works with students in TinkerCAD.

Another aspect of The DAE that we take pride in is our judgment free, anti-bullying policy. We are accepting of all kinds of students. From developmental disabilities to anxiety, to gender identity and everything in between. What matters most to us is if our students are having a positive experience in our programs. And if they are not, what steps we can take to make some adjustments to assure that they are.

Aside from the logistics of running a large scale operation such as a summer camp, these are among just a few of the methodologies we follow at The DAE to live up to the “experience” in our name.