Written by Brittney Milk, intern at The Digital Arts Experience

In a world where technology is literally a part of everything we do to sustain life, technology also allows us to create art and tell our story.

“A brush is technology”-David Hockney, Artist.

Some of the first technologies include brushes, pencils, and pens. We would paint a picture of a bowl of fruit or write a letter to our friend. Now, we have iPhones and iPads and our fingers can be the pens. These devices act as our camera and our messenger and we are consumed with sharing every bit of our lives by using these pieces of technology. The way we experience the world and tell our stories is constantly evolving asĀ our technology is evolving.

“We are a species which grows itself…”-Marcel Wanders, Designer.

As we have expanded our technologies in art, film, fashion, architecture, and music, we are able to expand the way we experience our existence, tell our story, and create different mediums. We can now 3D print things for crying out loud!

“That’s the beautiful thing about creativity, is that it’s recycled, not only the ideas, but also the methods.” -Scott Belsky, Adobe

Different stories can be told and in different ways. Ideas can be inspired by or expressed through the different mediums, as well as innovate the methods of media being used.

Technology should not be a crutch, it should not replace the human connection, but it should be used as a tool to enhance and record the human experience.

See the short film on Artistry/Technology by Liberatum below.