Explore Mystical Worlds

Your character might find themselves in a tomb, facing off against a dragon or trying to save the princess!

Group Problem Solving

DnD promotes teamwork, creativity, memory building and even math skills! The club works together as a team towards a common goal.

Materials Provided

We have everything we need to get a game going! Just bring your self, a notebook and your desire for adventure.

Dungeons & Dragons Club

D&D Club is an after-school program in Scarsdale, NY where kids & teens ages 9 and up come together to play Dungeons and Dragons (D&D): one of the most popular and famous tabletop roleplaying games. Members will go on adventures, fight monsters, discover treasure and explore a mystical world. It’s an amazingly fun time where unforgettable memories are made. Stop by and start adventuring today!

How do you play?

Each person plays as an adventurer, often referred to as a character. Another person in the group (in this case a DAE instructor) will play as the Dungeon Master or DM for short.

The DM describes different scenarios that the characters undertake and what happens based on their choices. This could be anything from rescuing a princess in a tower to recovering an ancient treasure from a forgotten tomb. There are other details that influence the game, but at its core it’s about going on an adventure and having fun. 

Adventure Pass

Save by purchasing an Adventure Pass for just $99 a month! This pass allows entry into every D&D club for the month. No need to purchase the individual days every week! The Adventure Pass also gets you:

  • Reserved seating at the weekly D&D game sessions
  • 20% discount on D&D Related classes (registration coming soon)
  • A Summary/Highlights of their weekly game sessions
  • Participation in the Bi-Weekly DM Challenges

DnD Club will meet every Friday from 5pm – 7pm.

Benefits of Playing DnD

In a world that is comprised of screens, internet memes, and the occasional (real life) troll, there are fewer opportunities to interact with peers face to face or build up important social skills. Tabletop games provide a way to do that. Given a group task, unique tools and a game that focuses on teamwork, attendees will build up these skills without realizing it. And by spending time working together towards a common goal, attendees are more likely to walk away with more friends then when they first arrived.

Dnd and other tabletop games also provide additional benefits such as improving critical thinking, providing a creative outlet, and a place to destress from the everyday hustle and bustle. 

What is provided?

  • Dice
  • Custom Club Character Sheets
  • A book for note taking
  • An experience DM to run the club
  • Dnd materials such as the Players Handbook
  • Prepared adventures 
  • Pizza during break!

DnD Questions

If your question is not in the F.A.Q below please contact our Director of Operations: Nicholas Sceusa. He can be reached at nick@thedae.com. In addition to overseeing the Dnd club, Nick will likely be running a game as a DM.

He would be happy to answer any questions you might have!

How many players to a group?

Groups will be around 4-5 players. However the maximize size will be 6 players to a single group.

Players need to discuss what they are doing, work with each other on various challenges, get descriptions with the DM, clarify rules, etc, etc. The more players to a group, the longer players will have to wait until their turn, which can make things unenjoyable. We will have additional DM’s run different games in the event we have over 6 attendees.

What is the age recommendation?

We recommend ages 9 and up. Younger attendees may have trouble keeping track of rules, items, quests and abilities that you gain during the game which can be a bit overwhelming. It is possible to play a modified version of DnD for younger ages – please let us know if this if of interest.

Groups will likely be of similar age. We will do our best but depending on who attends we may have to mix students together. Don’t worry! Our DM’s will make sure they are comfortable and welcomed at the table!

I'm new to the game. What can I expect?

A lot of fun! The DM will introduce you to the group, ask you a few questions and then provide you with a character based on your preferences (don’t worry, you can always swap characters or make a custom one later!). From there the DM will guide you through the game along with the other members.

Also, no prior experience is needed – all are welcomed to join. There will be a break halfway through to enjoy some pizza. 10 minutes will be reserved at the end for clean up.


I’ve heard DnD can be graphic. Is that true?

Not in our games. While it is correct that DnD can depict graphic scenes, this is dependent on the DM and how they run their games. We plan on keeping things much more relaxed in that regard. Sort of like an interactive Disney movie. There will be conflict, villains, evil creatures and fights, but nothing graphic.

What is roleplaying and is it required?

All RPG’s include roleplaying in different ways but the basic concept is the same. You create and assume the guise of a character. In a way, its like acting. You are playing a character that may make different choices then you would normally make in real life. It can add an interesting flare to the game. 

Roleplaying can be a bit tricky or uncomfortable for new players. We don’t require it. If you just want to explore dungeons, acquire awesome treasure and fight a few goblins, that’s A-ok in our book! We also welcome anyone interested in the roleplaying aspect and will do our best to place you in a group with the same interests if we can.

What do I need or bring?

All materials will be provided. Just bring your desire for adventure! The DAE will hold all other materials we supply between game session.

You can bring your own materials like dice, but please be sure to keep track of your items. Our DM’s will be busy managing the game and we can’t be responsible for lost or misplaced items. 

If you already have a character from another campaign, you can use them however we may ask you to make alterations to your character to ensure they are not overpowered compared to everyone else at the table. This can include removing magic items, reducing your characters level or similar adjustments.

Why do you disable ticket purchases within 48 hours of the club running?

Running a DnD game can be a bit tricky and requires some amount of planning to ensure we provide an enjoyable experience. The 48 hours give our DM’s time to prepare for the sessions. We will also use that time to bring on extra DM’s in the event we have a large number of signups.

Monday - Friday
12pm - 6pm


303 Central Park Avenue
Scarsdale, NY 10583