Want to unwind from a long summer day?  We’ve got your kids covered with fun gaming options!

Join the After Hours Gaming to play a different game every day of the week.  All games are cross platform and can be played with multiple attendees, including:
• Magic the Gathering
• Among Us
• Rocket League
• and more!
All games will be overseen by a moderator to ensure everyone has a fun group experience. For the schedule of games, please view the signup area below.

If you prefer board games or are looking to go on an adventure, we highly recommend joining a Dungeons and Dragons game. You and your team will be guided through an adventure by one of our expert Dungeon Masters. Explore forgotten dungeons, fight monsters, and earn treasure while working with your teammates. For more information about D&D, check out our club website: dnd.thedae.com. Sign ups are located below.

If you have not played D&D before, you can try it out for free! Scroll down to the bottom for details. We also have free consultations and would be happy to answer any questions regarding summer, our clubs, or classes. Hope to see you online!


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New to the DAE? Book a 15-minute consultation with our CEO, Rob and find the best option for you.