Provided by Soundworks, Inc.

New technology is introduced into our ever-changing world every day. Some is embraced, some not so much. When installed, programmed and used properly, some gadgets can save a tremendous amount of time, money and energy (yours and the electric company’s).

Soundworks, Inc. specializes in helping New York residents control their worlds. Following is a list of five of the hottest gadgets and systems requested by clients today. Control your entire home from far away or just control the volume on your stereo – home system management tools are flexible, affordable and simplified so anyone can use them.

1.     Tablets to control every system in their homes.

Tablets have taken home systems management to a whole new level. Savant Smart Home Technology and Control offers complete home automation from anywhere you happen to be. Apple®-based technology makes it simple to automate home systems using the iPad, other popular tablets and mobile devices. It’s being installed in a wide variety of settings including homes, offices, high rise apartments and even multi-dwelling residential units. Imagine being able to integrate all the systems in a home with and have full control literally at your fingertips. Many New Yorkers already have. In fact, they’re using Savant right now to control whole house audio; maintain climate; integrate home communications; manage intelligent lighting; keep safety and security systems in check and save energy.

2.     Flat screen televisions are keeping New Yorkers connected.

Flat screen TVs obviously aren’t new; however, they’re becoming much more accessible and incredibly intelligent. Televisions are no longer simply used for display. More and more Westchester County residents are requesting televisions that are connected to the Internet for web browsing, Netflix, Hulu etc. The television is playing a much broader role in home entertainment systems in New York. It really does seem to be a movement. Make no mistake; while much of the technology we have today can be controlled through mobile devices, many people enjoy a good old-fashioned remote for its tactile qualities and simplicity. Universal remotes that control multiple systems are also in high demand.

3.     4K technology rising over the horizon.

Speaking of home entertainment, industry leaders are eager to help its audience see more and see it better on their home screens. Although there is very little 4K content, there seems to be a growing local demand for 4K hardware (think, high-def on steroids). This latest HDTV technology is officially known as Ultra HD and the screen resolution is mind-numbing. Some manufacturers are calling it “the last resolution you’ll ever need.” Those who love to own the latest and greatest in technology will be ready to roll when the content comes through. 4K/UHD will eventually replace 1080i/p (1,920×1,080 pixels), which is currently the highest-resolution signal available. We’re talking about movies and maybe television here.

The term “4K” refers to a resolution of about 4,000 pixels wide and about 2,000 pixels high. Lay four 1080p screens across the floor. Now stack four more 1080p screens on top of those – that’s pretty close to what you can expect from Ultra HD (yes, it’s quadruple the highest standard resolution we use today). Many newer television manufacturers are preparing now for the day more 4K content finds its way into our homes. Cable companies aren’t there yet, capital expenditures are tremendous to make this kind of switch, but it’s coming.

4.     Nest Thermostats protecting nests throughout New York.

Soundworks is seeing an impressive demand for the new Nest Thermostat. New York residents can save up to 20 percent of their heating and cooling bills with the Nest Thermostat (and many already are). Have you ever heated or cooled your home to the perfect temperature and then left without turning the heat up or the air conditioning down? It takes a lot of energy to heat and cool empty spaces when no one is home to enjoy it. The Nest Learning Thermostat actually learns your schedule. It programs itself. Best of all, it can be controlled from your smartphone or another mobile device. Getting ready to head home on a cold winter’s night? Turn up the heat in your home while you’re still at the office.

5.     Automated lighting turns homeowners on.

Imagine walking into the house and having lighting rise just in time to illuminate the critical areas of your home. Consider sitting in your car and using a wireless visor-mounted lighting control center (about the size of your garage door opener) to set the lighting before you walk in. This automated system saves energy, increases safety and will even make your lightbulbs last longer. Whether you want to set a mood or just see to get the key in your door, automated lighting can be programmed to your specifications and changed when your needs change.

Soundworks Inc. is a smart home automation company based in Westchester, New York. Contact them to find out how to control your world with the latest in technology.