Waller InfIn 2018, Talaya Waller discusses the future of branding as personal and how the influence of technology has shifted in a massive way during this past decade. She shares with the audience her struggle to find her dream job after she graduated from college in 2006, which was the time of the economic crisis. Despite the setback, it didn’t stop her to follow her own path and making a name for herself in the long run.


The Future of Branding is Personal | Talaya Waller | Ted Talk

The Shift in Branding 

At first, brands used to use old market tactics like billboards, and magazines to claim what their brand is, but today the roles have shifted. As social media progressed, we as consumers don’t prefer to be persuaded by the CEO of companies anymore – instead, we listen to influencers. Waller says, “92 percent of people trust the recommendation from a person, over a company because people have lost trust in corrupt branding. Now companies are looking to influencers to market their products. Influencers are everyday people like you and me, who built up a large social network online.”quote by Talaya Waller

The Formula: People do Business with the People they Know, Like, and Trust


1. Know

Waller says, “Beyond getting people to know you, think about what you want to be known for. Most people have not taken the time to identify their professional brand because by the time you become an adult you in survival mode with little time to reflect on what you want what you are passionate about and the change you would like to see in the world.” This quote is so true because when you reach adulthood you have to prioritize and balance things out, and most of all figuring out how you can still accomplish your aspirations and desires for your life to be fulfilled. 


Passion, Strength, and Opportunity 

“Sometimes you can have passion and the strengths, but it’s bad timing so there’s no opportunity. I knew that for me to find my unique value added to the world, I was going to have to position myself within all three.” 


Don’t Do it Better, Do it Differently

As Steve Jobs once said, “You don’t look at your competitors and say, we’re going to do it better, you look at your competitors and say, we’re going to do it differently.”


2. Like

Influencers are individuals who have the power to affect the decision-making that others make due to their authority, knowledge, and the relationship between audiences. In the world of influencers, there are social media influencers. Social media influencers are individuals who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. Particularly, brands love social media influencers because they can create trends and encourage their followers to buy the products or services that they promote. Before there were any social media influencers or even the internet, you had to follow this formula in order to run your business which was conducting business with people you know, like, and trust in order to be successful.

3. Trust

Having trust with any company is having the utmost reinsurance that whatever product you’re looking for or being sold is not only benefiting you but their entire company. Influencers tend to sell the consumers their company’s products because it’s a friendly and easier way to catch the eye of the audience that their company caters to. Overall, influencers helped shaped the trust in their company’s brands and allowing us as the customers to continue to buy into their product whether if it’s good or bad.

quote by Talaya Waller

Moving Forward

Your personal brand is the most powerful tool for accomplishing your goals and having one would make you even more successful in the long run. Branding is continuing to transform every day due to the internet, social media, and most of the influencers who have shaped the trends of a new techie era. These concepts are developing even more and change our perspectives on how branding was when it first came out to now and sharing human experiences along with creating new ones along the way.

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