By Elizabeth Jacobs, Intern

Summer months mean lots and lots of outdoor time. It goes without saying that spending time in the outdoors at camp or elsewhere is just plain good for kids’ brains and bodies! With that being said, at The DAE we value hands-on, project-focused learning all year long, and many times we see kids who are injured and can’t participate in sports or they’re just burnt out and need some time out of the sun doing something fun. So we put together a list of indoor camp perks:

The 5 Best Things about Indoor Summer Camps.

1) Learn meaningful skills while having fun.

Kids engage in fun activities that introduce them to new concepts and strengthen their problem solving skills. A Minecraft addiction may transform into a newfound fascination for game design and animation!

2) Air conditioning!

You don’t need to worry about overheating or dehydration. Clean and open spaces keep kids safe and comfortable so that they can access all their brain power!

3) Discover passions that kids often otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to.

Use summer as a time to learn valuable skills and explore new subjects. At indoor summer camps, kids are given the opportunity to engage in activities that encourage them to think outside of the box.

4) Plenty of options.

Outdoor camps are far from the only option! Technology camps spark new interests and challenge youngsters to innovate.

5) The tight-knit community.

Students bond over shared passions and are attentive to their peers creative insights. An emphasis on collaboration teaches them to respect others’ ideas and opinions, leaving no room for bullying of any kind.


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