Is Fortnite safe for my kids?

Parents: Is Fortnite safe for my kids?

Fortnite title screen and logo.

As a parent, you may have recently heard about Fortnite — a free-to-download game that seems to have risen to a top spot overnight and may be the biggest obsession since Minecraft. But what exactly is Fortnite and is it safe for your kids to play?

Fortnite itself is a survival-action game that has its players fight to the death. Although it sounds a bit violent, the style of the game is very cartoonish and not nearly as graphic as other games like Call of Duty or Counter Strike. There’s no bloodshed and although there’s tons of weapons and violence in the game, it still has the visual appearance of a kid-friendly game. There are two different modes within the game: Battle Royale, the popular multiplayer version of the game and Save the World, a solo adventure mode.

Most likely, if your kids are playing Fortnite, they’re in Battle Royale mode. In this version, one hundred real, live players from all over the world are dropped onto the game map and must survive to the end as the last person standing. By doing so, players must destroy other players, find shelter, collect armor and weapons and avoid a traveling storm that inflicts lethal damage to all players who aren’t inside a safe zone. This version of Fortnite is free to play and by far the most popular game mode.

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Battle Royale 

Players can choose from 3 game modes: Solo, Duo & Squad. As the game mode suggestions, in solo, you are dropped into the game by yourself. In Duo, you and a partner play together and in Squad, you play on a team of four. In Duo or Squad mode, you can either choose to play with friends or enter a queue where the game will pair you up with random players.

Parents: Is Fortnite safe for my kids?

A screenshot from the popular game, Fortnite, that shows off it’s cartoonish appearance and playstyle.

Save the World

The solo adventure mode of Fortnite, players are placed on a map where they are survivors of an apocalyptic storm and have to fight off zombies. This mode of Fortnite is not for free and must be purchased. The entire game, either mode, can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, PC and Mac computers.

Parents: Is Fortnite safe for my kids?

A screenshot from the Save the World mode of Fortnite where players have to survive in an apocalyptic world.

The Chat Feature

Although we mentioned that the graphics and game play as a whole are cartoonish, the only concern about playing Fortnite is the online chat feature that could potentially expose kids to harmful, offensive or mature language. The live, unmoderated and unfiltered chat within the game makes it possible for kids to witness profanity through either the voice chat or on screen text.

Many sites recommend Fortnite for kids ages 13+. We would generally say that it is okay for kids as young as 9, but should be played with adult supervision. Got questions about Fortnite? Reach out to our team at

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Parents: Is Fortnite safe for my kids?