Who says that women couldn’t do it all? The article, “Meet our International Women in Engineering Day heroes” by Create Digital highlights, four women on June 23rd.  June 23rd was to celebrate the “Engineering Heroes” by not only shining a light on their careers but to be able to tackle challenges in a professional manner.  Besides the four women mentioned in this article, there are other women to recognize. 

Nancy Deoye Fitzroy 

An American engineer that specializes in heat transfer and fluid dynamics. Her contributions to the heat transfer field improved heat shields for space reentry vehicles,  fuel use for rocket engines, cooling systems, and shielding in nuclear submarines and reactors, among household appliances and steam/gas turbines with electric motors and power generations. 

Gwynne Shotwell 

An American businesswoman, engineer, and the President and chief operating officer of Space X. Space X is an American space transportation company and in 2020 she was listed as the 49th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes. 

Lynn Conway 

An American computer scientist, electrical engineer, and inventor. In the 1960s, she worked at IBM and was credited for the invention of generalized dynamic instruction handling, which is a key advanced key used for out-of-order execution. These are used by most modern computer processors in order to improve performance. 

Sheila Widnall 

An American aerospace researcher and a Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was the first woman placed in charge of a branch of the military in 1993 where President Bill Clinton appointed her. Then, she became the former United States Secretary of the Air Force. While working at the Institute of Technology for 28 years she became a world-renowned expert in fluid dynamics and garnered three patents in airflow technology. 

Ellen Ochoa 

An American engineer, and former director and astronaut where she became the first Hispanic woman to go to space in 1963 as she served her 9-day mission. She is also the former director of Johnson Space Center.   Each of these women played a significant role in the stem community. Along with their contributions and expertise, science has now transformed and evolved.

Overall, they will continue to make science flourish and give inspiration for future engineers to come!

Check out the article for reference  https://createdigital.org.au/international-women-in-engineering-day-2021/