Written by Laura Valdez: Intern at the Digital Arts Experience, Graduate Student: Marketing & Communications at Manhattanville College

There is no longer room for ignoring technology and leaving it to the geeks. Marketing is one of the fields that has been so vastly affected by the digital revolution that we all have to play catch up just to stay on top of the game.

Google+ marketing

I remember when I first started my undergraduate studies (Twitter did not even exist at that time. What?!), marketing was the underdog of business majors, as most people equated it with a sales career. Boy were they wrong. And I’m not talking about the time of Stonehenge, this was just 10 years ago!

Believe or not, marketing inside of a classroom feels as analytical and as multi-faceted as any other science. But when you get to an organization, marketing is the outcast all over again. Marketers like us are usually battling with other business and non-business units to get everyone working towards the same focus and message (but hey, at least we get to enjoy the ride!). Whether we work to coordinate events, perform market analysis, work with community management or PR, we seem to be the liaison between departments; thus we always get to meet new people and explore the inner workings of an organization.

Marketing is now the gateway to understanding how companies interact with their audiences, as social media and digital marketing have reshaped all these processes. In this new digital era, executives can no longer hide behind a curtain or ostracize themselves from the outside world. Press releases are not the only vehicle for information dissemination for most companies anymore (take a look at how Twitter or Tumblr do it). According to a Princeton Review Study, 85% of customers expect businesses to have a social media presence.

Without a doubt, social media has revolutionized our communication and the way we do business. Tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are now essential for the success of any modern business.

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