The DAE presents its latest Meet the Staff post, which highlights a special member of our DAE creative community!

Today, we interviewed one of our interns, Jordan Frankenthaler, going into his Junior year this fall, at Scarsdale High School!

Jordan Frankenthaler, Intern in the Spotlight

Jordan Frankenthaler, Intern in the Spotlight

Name: Jordan Frankenthaler

Age: 15

School & Year: Scarsdale High School, Junior

Major/Interests: Photography, videography, geography…and well, probably anything ending in –ography! I would like to get into audio and video effects as well.

What do you do at the DAE? I am a photo/video intern and work on projects for our video series, “Reflectivity.” I also edit many drum covers with Jess! Everything and anything having to do with editing, that’s why they call me “THE EDITOR.”

What’s your favorite part of working at the DAE?

Working with a great community of people!

What do you hope to accomplish this summer?

To learn, to grow, and to laugh.