The DAE presents its latest Meet the Staff post, which highlights a special member of our DAE creative community!

Today, we interviewed one of our interns, Remy Kuhn, who is a rising junior at Syracuse University!

Remy Kuhn, Intern in the Spotlight

Remy Kuhn, Intern in the Spotlight

Name: Remy Kuhn

Age: 20

School & Year: Syracuse University, 2015

Major/Interests: Painting Major. I am also interested in photography, music, and …reality television!

What do you do at the DAE? I assist with the marketing team, including promoting The DAE and the digital world through social media and blog entries. I also try using my artistic/creative input for upcoming events and projects too! Sometimes I sing loudly at the front desk, and crack jokes to pretend I’m funny.

What’s your favorite part of working at the DAE?

Coming into work excited to be a part of this amazing, creative place! Oh yeah, and to see and work with my awesome group of fellow interns, the staff, and coworkers! Everyone is talented and of course, entertaining!

What do you hope to accomplish this summer?

I want to learn more about marketing for a company, design techniques, and I hope to laugh, a lot, even though I already have. I think I will be inspired by the creative people around me, hope to make a musical or two, take a photo-shoot, you know, just to get the full DAE experience.