The DAE presents its latest Meet the Staff post, which highlights a special member of our DAE creative community!

Today, we interviewed one of our interns, Sara Sutton!

Sara Sutton, Intern in the Spotlight

Sara Sutton, Intern in the Spotlight

Name: Sara Sutton

Age: 20

School & Year: Westchester Community College, Sophomore

Major/Interests: Intended Digital Media Major, other interests include music and dance.

What do you do at the DAE? My primary responsibility is staying on top of our social media. I also assist the campers during our summer camp classes and various other groups that work in our space.

What’s your favorite part of working at the DAE? The sense of community with the staff and learning on the job about all aspects of the digital world!

What do you hope to accomplish this summer?  I hope to become more tech and photography savvy: gain skills, knowledge and experience in photography so that I can possibly pursue it in the future.