Gaming is the way to have fun with friends, communicate with others, and meet new people… Here at the DAE, we not only provide quality STEAM education but also ways for kids to interact and game together. Kids gave insight on their favorite games, how they enjoy them, and the answer to the ultimate question: which is better, Minecraft or Roblox?


Currently Playing: “Right now I am playing Funky Friday on Roblox which is based on Friday Night Funkin. It’s kind of like Guitar Hero.”

Minecraft or Roblox: “Minecraft! I love how calming it is, and I can make whatever I want, however, I want, and whenever I want. Also, I think that more people play Minecraft.”




Currently Playing: “On Roblox, I am playing Fancy Pants and Bow Masters. Fancy Pants is just fun to play. Bow Masters requires a little bit more skill.”

Minecraft or Roblox: “Minecraft for sure! Building things in Creative Mode is really awesome.”  



Currently Playing: “Hide and Seek on Roblox.”

Minecraft or Roblox: “Roblox! It’s fun interacting with others and discovering new games.”  



Currently Playing: “I am playing Minecraft Bedrock and Minecraft Education Edition. I love to experiment with chemicals in the Education Edition. I usually play every other day!”

Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment. Educators around the world use Minecraft: Education Edition to engage students across subjects and bring abstract concepts to life.



Currently Playing: Minecraft!

Minecraft or Roblox: “Minecraft because building things is really fun. It’s hard to find good games on Roblox because a lot of them are remakes.”



Currently Playing: Just Shapes & Beats on the Nintendo Switch

Minecraft or Roblox: “Roblox because there are just way more games to play. I play random games, nothing specific. I find anything that looks appealing and plays those.”


Rob’s Take (our CEO)

Currently Playing: Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch Minecraft or Roblox: “I think both are great. But I think Minecraft is awesome because it’s easier for kids to jump right in and start making stuff. In Roblox, there are so many not-so-great games and you usually find the good ones based on recommendations from friends. But you can make games in Roblox so that’s a plus. We teach a class specifically about making games in Roblox Studio and that’s a really fun class!”


Final Verdict:

As you can see it was Minecraft vs. Roblox’s battle with the kids and our CEO, but one thing we all have in common is playing these games collectively and having fun while doing so. Thanks to our lovely students and CEO for giving their take on what games they like the most/why we truly appreciate your time and efforts!