Private Lessons

*Due to limited availability we are not scheduling private lessons until 2019


STEAM Tutoring

Curious to learn something new? Pick out a subject from our course catalog or choose a subject you want to learn.

Flexible Student Ratio

Lessons can involve a single student for a focused detailed lesson or up to as many as eight students for a personalized class with friends.

Ages 6 and Up

Any student ages 6 and above can be scheduled for a private lesson.

Pricing for Onsite Private Lessons

Lessons that meet at The Digital Arts Experience facility in Scarsdale during the school session (September through June).

*Time slots are subject to instructor availability.

Have a question for us?

Why do you have specific times for onsite classes?

While we would love to accommodate everyone we typically don’t have any staff available earlier in the day. We hold private lessons at the specified times to ensure we keep things organized and make scheduling more efficient.

What happens if you don’t have an instructor available?

In the event we don’t have an instructor to teach the subject you requested we will attempt to contact you again in 6 weeks after our current round of classes end. You are always welcomed to contact us and request a status update.

Why is the offsite class so much more expensive? Why is it a flat rate for 1 - 4 kids?

The offsite is a flat rate because we have to account for the travel time in addition to our usual setup.

Why do you charge a cancellation fee?

The cancellation fee is to cover the amount of time we spent getting your class setup. This includes cross checking your availability with our instructors, making sure we have the proper software and equipment and other little details.

Are there any exceptions to the cancellation fee?

If you tell us further in advance that you cannot make the class we will waive the cancellation fee and either set up a different date or refund you. We do reserve the right to charge the fee but typically it will only be applied for cancellations that occur less than a week before the class starts.

What happens if the DAE cancels class?

You will not be charged the cancellation fee. Sometimes the weather is bad and travel can be dangerous. We will notify you ASAP and work with you on a makeup class.

Can you change the length of time for a class?

Unfortunately, we cannot. The class length is fixed to one of the 3 choices listed above. This is to ensure we deliver a fulfilling class experience.

Terms & Conditions

You agree to pay the full amount for the private lessons prior to the start of the lessons. If a payment is not received prior to the start of the class, the class is subject to a cancellation.

If you need to cancel a class we reserve the right to charge a 25% cancellation fee for the cost of that class. For example, if you booked 2 private lessons that last an hour each and canceled one of them, you would be charged the following:

Private Lesson Single student 1 Hour – $99.00 x 25% Cancellation Fee = $24.75

The $74.25 difference from the canceled class will be returned after the completion of the second class.
In the event the DAE cancels a class due to weather or other unforeseen issues no cancellation fee will be charged and we will get in touch with you to schedule a makeup.

Summer Hours
Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm