Check out what our students were up to these past two weeks in Session 4! Sadly this concludes The DAE’s Summer STEAM Camp for 2018. We witnessed our students really embracing the material and creating awesome projects with what they learned. We hope you join us again next year!


Class: Robotics Challenge with Edison
Instructor: Sabrina

“We learned how to make our robots race each other!”

edison robotics



Class: Programming
Instructor: Katarina


Class: Lego Stop Motion
Instructor: Ryder

“Students are working on designing their own Lego sets for their custom movies.”

Class: 3D Printing
Instructor: Josh



Learn about fall Saturday, and after-school HERE!


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The Digital Arts Experience aims to provide a unique opportunity for the kids & teens of the Westchester, Rockland, and Fairfield communities to explore the world of creative technology, digital art, STEAM-related fields and more! Their programs are goal oriented and focus on hands-on learning so each and every student will complete his or her class with incredible original work that can go towards creating a portfolio. The DAE strives to expose its’ students to the digital world in order to help them discover new talents and possible career paths.

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