Rob's Tech Tip
Everyone knows how to search for things in Google, but Google offers some really cool tricks to find out the information you’re seeking much more quickly and efficiently! Check these out:
If you want to search for something from a specific site, say The Wall Street Journal, simply search, manufacturing in China and Google will only search through
If you are looking for something of a particular file type, say a PowerPoint file, simply search, adult learning.ppt
If you want to find other sites related to one you are looking at, for example, other articles like the you are currently looking at, simply copy the article url and add related:  before it. For example, related:
If you are shopping online and want to find items in a specific price range, simple search, digital cameras $200…$500 and Google will only show you cameras in that range.
These are just some of the tricks built into Google. To learn more, visit