Yesterday at our space, we had the privilage of hosting “Social Media for the Freelance Soul,” an intimate seminar and networking event all about utilizing social platforms for small business.  Cristin Grogan gave us some super helpful, super simple tips  We are delighted to share them with you!

-Set up custom tabs for your other channels
-Share your story
-8-9:30AM post & 7:30-8PM post & on weekends. Thursday 11AM is a hot time.
-Ask questions – call to action. Convey your humanity.

-Customized background
-Tweet during business hours
-Become a source of information

-Join groups pertinent to your industry
-High SEO on LinkedIn
-Have interns ALL make LinkedIn pages- link company page on their profiles. “Intern at ….. DAE”

-Tell a story with your boards
-Make the content inspirational
-Get personal
-Incredible SEO tool
-Add hashtags & searchable keyboards
-Create different, personalized boards

-Answer questions
-Ask to guest blog