The weather is slowly getting warmer. It is staying light out longer. Flowers are starting to bloom, and birds are chirping. Spring in Westchester is on the horizon. When it comes to Spring, people think of rebirth, revitalization, new beginnings, a fresh start. Why not use this Spring as an opportunity to try something new, or really focus on an interest that you’ve always wanted to learn more about?

Starting the second week of April, The Digital Arts Experience in White Plains is offering a wonderful array of classes ranging from Digital Photography to Blogging Tips & Tricks. Each class meets once a week, for 2 hours, and runs for 4 weeks total. Our classes run at a maximum of 6 people, and are all hands on and goal oriented. So, each attendee receives the personalized, individual attention that they deserve and apply what they learn immediately.

Take a look at the image listed below for all of the information regarding the classes offered:

The Digital Arts Experience Adult Class Schedule April 2013

To register/fill out an interest form, refer to:

Feel free to send an e-mali to or give us a call at 914-644-8100 for more information!