The month of July brings hot weather, pool parties, and of course STEAM classes at The DAE. If you’re trying to beat the heat that mid-July and August brings, an indoor class is the way to go. You have fun all while learning something new. We always get returning students running to our summer camp, however, it always brings a smile to our faces when we get new students walking through our front door.

July 8th was the first day of Session 1, and before you know it, two weeks has gone by. We’ve gathered some projects to feature – let us know what your favorite is!

Class: Intro to Digital Photography
Instructor: Thalia

“As a class we went out and explored the world just outside of The DAE. We found so many unique things to take photos of. Then we went back into Photoshop and edited the photos to give them more feeling.”

Student work for Digital Photography class in our Summer 2019 camp

Digital Photography at The Digital Arts Experience


Class: 3D Animation
Instructor: Evan

” To make these animations, our class had to learn how to model objects such as the ship or the elevator, most of them starting as a couple cubes and cones. After that we had to wrap textures on everything, background objects as well. We animated these using keyframes. Anything seen moving required keyframing each movement seen, including the camera!”


Class: Digital Drawing
Instructor: Mats

“Our young artists are using a Photoshop, used by professionals, to manipulate images and create their own works of art!”

Digital Drawing

Digital Drawing at The Digital Arts Experience


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