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Session 1: July 9 – 20  |  Session 2: July 23 – August 3
Session 3: August 6 – 17  |  Session 4: August 20 – 31


Listen to “Flying” a Song By DAE Students | 2017

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The Ultimate Castle & Monster Creation | 2017

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Animal Hybrids & Creative Product Design | 2017

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3D Printed Chess Pieces & Comic Strips | 2017

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Hands-on, Project Based

Students get hands-on access to top of the line digital arts tools and technologies that we have in our facility.


STEAM Curriculum

Our classes focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) so that kids will develop social, technical and creative skills while having fun!

Problem Solving Skills

A majority of our classes are developed so students learn how to problem solve. Even if the first attempt doesn’t work, there is always another way and that’s how we learn!

Strictly Anti-Bully Environment

We are 100% committed to making sure that every student is safe and comfortable. We take bullying very seriously to make sure that students feel like they can be themselves.


100% Risk Free

If your child does not like the class that they signed up for, just let us know. We will be happy to switch them to another class they will enjoy even more, or we will offer you a 100% refund of the class.

1:6 Teacher to Student Ratio

Our classes are small so that the instructor balance varying skill levels. If a class is more than 6-8 students an intern is there to assist. Our staff are also CPR certified.

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In the meantime, view our full course catalog below for an idea of what we have offered in the past.

My daughter was definitely inspired by what she learned. She came home animated & excited to keep learning!

My son told us repeatedly that these weeks were the best camp of his life! He was encouraged to be creative and the teachers were so flexible in helping him achieve that. Thanks for an awesome summer!

Drop off and pick up was so incredibly flexible and helpful to me since I had to juggle another kid’s schedule.

I researched all other national camps and I’m so glad I went with something more homegrown and local. It was more intimate and The DAE has superior customer service.


I want to register my child for class that is listed 13 - 18 but he/she is 12. Is that OK?

The age guidelines are our classes are flexible, so a 12 year old is more than welcome to join a class listed for 13 – 18 as long as we feel that it is a good fit. You can always call or visit us to discuss which of our classes is the best fit for your son or daughter, regardless of the age guidelines listed on our website.

I want to register my son or daughter for a session but he/she will miss a class. Can you prorate the class? Will my son or daughter miss out on a lot of content?

We will gladly prorate any of our sessions to a custom length. We pride ourselves on being super flexible so for whichever days you will make the class we are glad to accommodate!
When it comes to missing out on content, it really depends on the program in which you are thinking about registering your child. In nearly all of our programs, the first half is focused on most of the actual learning and second half is more focused on lab time to work on projects, so in most cases, missing the second week will not mean that your child will miss out on most of the class. He or she may not finish as many projects as the other students but will learn pretty much all of the same material. You can always give us a call or stop by for a visit if you have any questions or concerns about your son or daughter missing out on material.

Will there be any opportunity for a makeup class?

Because the dates for our classes are scheduled meticulously, we cannot add in any additional dates for make-up. As mentioned in the previous question, the 2nd half of the class will provide plenty of opportunity for the students to catch up on their projects and any missed material. With our small class setting, it is easier for our instructors to pay more personalized, individual attention to each student.

Am I able to drop off earlier or pick up later than the start of the class?

We understand that work and life in general make it challenging to organize pickup and drop off. You are welcome to drop students off up to a half hour before the start of the class. Because there may be other classes going on, you are welcome to have them wait in our main room until class begins.

For classrooms that are empty, students that arrive early or stay late have the freedom to use our computer labs to get ahead on their project or simply play Minecraft with their peers. We frequently have a handful of students arrive early and/or stay late, so we typically have them all sit together in one room.
As for pickup, we encourage all students to be picked up shortly after class finishes. If a student needs to stay late past our hours of operation, we may have to charge an additional late fee.

I want to see what my child has worked on. How can I view their work?

For students who take Scratch, we walk them through the process of creating a kid-friendly, safe Scratch account where all of their work will be stored and accessible from any computer via

For any 3D Printing class, similar to Scratch, we will have students create their own “TinkerCAD” accounts where all of their work will be saved and accessible from any computer. In addition to that, students will actually get to take home physical prints of what they’ve modeled to show you.

For any Digital Drawing or Graphic Design class, we will print out glossy 12×18 copies of student work for them to take home. Any additional work that they’d like to save will be stored on a DAE Google Drive account, accessible from home.
In some specific classes, we will provide each student with their own 2GB USB flash drive to store their work on and take home. Please note that there will be a $15 charge if a student loses their flash drive and needs a new one.

My child has allergies. Do you have anyone on staff trained in first aid?

All of our core staff and admin team are CPR and First Aid certified. Please feel free to leave any epi-pens or medicines at the front desk in the event it will be needed. Students may also carry it on them in class after informing our staff and instructor so that we are made aware.

What is your policy on cell phone use in the facility?

While classes are in session, students may not use their cell phones at all unless it is needed for student work or an emergency. Before class, during break, and after class students are free to use their cell phones.

You are free to use cell phones in a quiet, respectable manner while waiting in our main room.

We live close by. Can I let my child leave on their own?

Your child may walk home or leave the facility on their own, but we will require you to fill out a permission slip beforehand. Please contact our team at or (914) 644-8100 so that we can email you the slip.

My child has special needs. Are your classes a good fit?

We welcome all kids to our facility so long as they are able to use a computer and follow instruction in a small class setting. In the past we’ve had many developmentally disabled students excel in our programs. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have further inquiries about how we can accommodate your child to ensure they have a great experience in our classes.

Trying to decide between Scratch or Python?

Students should enroll in Python if they’ve either already taken Scratch or have good enough typing skills to begin coding. Python code is easy to learn and type, but you still must pay attention to the detail of the lines of code to make sure they are typed in an exact way. Scratch requires no typing; just drag & drop in order to form lines of code. Those are the main differences in determining which class to enroll in.

  • Scratch
    • no typing
    • drag & drop
    • more visual
    • best for beginners
  • Python
    • typing/hard coding
    • less visual
    • object-oriented programming language

Location & Hours

The Digital Arts Experience
303 Central Park Avenue
Scarsdale, NY 10583

Monday to Friday
12pm - 6pm

Closed until January 20th


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