When we think of home (Westchester), we think of the local spots that make our community what it is. From sushi to websites, we think it’s kind of refreshing that Westchester Magazine wants to hear our opinion on other sweet local businesses.  So we thought we’d share a few of our faves with our followers.  What are YOUR top picks?  [If you say “The Digital Arts Experience” for After-School Program or Camp (Non-Sleepover) we will NOT be offended…] Cast YOUR votes here by February 7th!  Encourage your friends to vote and spread the local business love!

Food & Drink


  • Chinese Takeout: Bao’s! It’s right across the street and may we say, quite yummy.
  • Business Lunch: 42 Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to enjoy an amazing view of Westchester while eating delicious goodies and doing business?
  • Sushi: Noda. They, too, are around the corner and also have Hibachi! Perfect for company birthdays.
  • Wine Store: Aries Wine & Spirits.  Our Good friends Tony and Andrey are always helping us out with events.

Face Off - Season 4

Health & Beauty

silverback social

People & Media:

Home & Garden:

  • Professional Organizer: Christina Hill Collins. She is amazing and did we mention she’s made our coworking space beautiful? Oh, and she writes a great food blog called Feast & Merriment!


Fun & Leisure:

  • Happy Hour & Sports Bar: Bob Hyland’s Sportspage.  This place has great specials and quesadillas to die for.
  • Local Band/Musician: Emily Angell. She works here and makes music in our recording studio!
  • Movie House: The Alamo. Where else can you dine in inside a theater? Quite the experience we must say.


  • After School Program: The Digital Arts Experience!? But you decide… (Insert winky face 😉
  • Camps (non sleepover): The Digital Arts Experience! [no pressure!]
  • Music School: Music Conservatory of Westchester. They’re just plain great, and we love the people who work there.

spacerken lax


  • Videographer: Chris Johnson.  Affectionately referred to around the office as “Video Chris”.
  • Wedding Photographer: Ken Lax.  This guy can teach photography to anyone of any age and he has a side business shooting wonderful wedding photos.

So that’s it folks!  To learn more about the DAE and our programs, visit TheDAE.com.  Happy voting!