Tech Pods

Design your own small private group of kids with consistent, relevant, hands-on STEAM education.

What is a Tech Pod?

Going into the school year this fall there is so much that is unknown ahead of us. The Digital Arts Experience has always been a place that you could rely on for great enrichment programs, and we want to continue to be a reliable, consistent resource for the community.
That’s why we are launching our private DAE Leaning Pods this fall. These small private groups will provide consistent, relevant, hands-on STEAM education for your kids and their peers.
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How it Works

  • Put together a group of at least 4 kids
  • Get in touch with us
  • We’ll help you pick a topic or put together a custom curriculum package for your group
  • Pick your day and time
  • That’s it!



Groups of 4 - 6 Kids

Pods will be strictly capped at 6 kids to help enforce our safety protocols.

STEAM Curriculum

Our classes focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) so that kids will develop social, technical and creative skills while having fun!


Safety Rules in Place

Pod students and your DAE instructor will practice social distancing, frequent hand-washing, disinfecting of surfaces/equipment and must wear a mask at all times.

Pods can be either virtual line, in person, or hybrid. In-person Pods will have the entire Digital Arts Experience at their fingertips – no other classes will be taking place in an effort to provide a totally customized experience and adhere to stringent cleaning & safety procedures.

Topics include…. 

and a lot more!

Let’s put your pod together today!

Mon-Fri, 12-6pm
Sat, 10am-3pm