Do you live in Westchester, Fairfield or Rockland County? And does your child LOVE the computer?

Here are some things for kids to do over Winter Break in Westchester…

but you’re worried they’ll just sit around playing games all break? Sign them up for hands-on, project-focused Winter Break workshops at the DAE December 12/27, Thursday 12/28 and Friday 12/29. Choose 9:30am-12:00pm, 1:00pm to 3:30pm or combine both for a full day (lunch break 12-1pm).

Workshops include:

Scratch Coding, 3D Printing, Python Programming, Robotics with Edison Robots! We have both AM and PM slots available or combine both for a full day.

REGISTER HERE! *Give us a call at 914-644-8100 between the hours of 12pm-6pm today and we are happy to help or answer any questions!

Class Descriptions

Scratch is a code-free way to introduce kids to computer programming. Instead of typing, students drag & drop blocks together to form lines of code. Projects include games, interactive art, animations and more!

In 3D Printing, students will use either creative mode of Minecraft or a free-web based 3D program called TinkerCAD to model their designs. Then, we’ll show them how to export their projects and 3D print them! Depending on the size and length of the print, it may have to be picked up at a later date.

Python is a great introduction to computer programming because the syntax, or code that your kid types, is very simple and easy to read. Despite that, Python is a very powerful computer programming language that has a multitude of real-world applications.

Edison is an educational robot to teach kids computational thinking and computer programming in a fun, interactive way. Students will code their robots to respond to light, follow paths, communicate with other robots and more!

REGISTER or LEARN MORE HERE — Call us between the hours of 12pm-6pm or email with questions!


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