We know it can be very challenging to get your child to listen or even sit still, but we have a solution for you…. Youtube! Watching these top 9 Youtube STEM Channels with them will not only be engaging but very interactive for both of you.

1. Scishow 

This channel is run 7 days a week by hosts, Hank Green, Micheal Aranda, and Olivia Gordon. They give their viewers unexpected topics on science that defy their expectations which makes it even more curious.


2. Numberphile 

STEM Learning Channel

This channel is created by Brady Haran. It explores many creative and interesting videos about the world of numbers. 


3. STEM Education 

STEM Learning Channel

This channel is about making a difference in children’s lives and impacted them from their future. It supports unprivileged children, particularly girls by empowering them while learning STEM. 


4. Vsauce 

STEM Learning Channel

This channel is created by Micheal Stevens in the summer of  2010. It’s very entertaining, informative, and Mike shares his playlist of fun topics he has to offer.  


5. PBS Idea Channel 

PBS Idea Channel is hosted by Mike Rugnetta and new videos are posted every Wednesday. It explores the connection between pop culture, technology, and art for kids.


6. Crash Course 

STEM Youtube Channel

Crash Course is one of the most viewed STEM Channels out right now! It shared a wide variety of videos from physics to astronomy and so much more STEM-related subjects. 


7. The Slow Mo Guys 

The Slow Mo Guys are hosted by Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy. They shoot all of their videos using HD with a high-speed cinema camera to get the slow-motion effect while conducting science projects. 


8. The Coding Train 

The Coding Train is hosted by Daniel Shiffman every week. He features coding videos for young students learning the basics of programming languages such as javascript and Java which creates an algorithm. 


9. The Digital Arts Experience (DAE) 

Our channel is about inspiring students and educated parents interested in STEAM Education. We share a wide variety of topics like information about our summer camps, Minecraft, tech tips and so much more. Here’s a playlist of those videos. 

The DAE’s Summer Camp 2020 Recap

Our CEO, Rob shared his thoughts on how last summer camp ran virtually and how made a huge effort for the student’s engagement due to the lack of interaction last year. 


How to Play Minecraft

Rob walks us through step by step how to play/use Minecraft. 


Rob’s Tech Tips

Rob walks us through a website, Unsplash for high-quality stock images which are FREE!


All in all, these YouTube channels are worth watching. Each one is unique and help children learn STEM concepts in more ways than ever before. Let us know which is your favorite!

There’s so much to see and discover on YouTube! Here are more STEM channels to browse: https://wabisabilearning.com/blogs/stem/15-stem-youtube-channels

Interested in starting your OWN YouTube channel?