Virtual Classes, Workshops & Gaming

How it's different:

  • All programs used are free to download and open source.

  • Your life as a parent is more difficult than ever. With a free class setup consult, we hope to make the enrollment/setup process as painless as possible.

  • We are here every step of the way to guide you through this new phase

    Setup a free tech consult HERE.

Same great experience:

  • Our instructors are knowledgable & engaging, they’re the grown up versions of the kids they teach and connect with our students in meaningful ways.
  • The class content is awesome and relevant. We use fun as a learning tool to keep kids interested in the project at hand.
  • Classes are small, no more than 6 students per lesson
  • We communicate. Our team is dedicated to providing a transparent experience that fosters connection with parents and values feedback.
  • Resiliency has always been part of our STEAM learning mentality. Iteration and problem solving are encouraged and greatly valued.

Winter Saturdays Online

February 27th – April 10th

After School Gaming

Let’s get together and have some fun! Join us for our gaming sessions with a DAE instructor and other kids who like the same games you do!
  • 1 hour of game time
  • Google Meet setup is easy to access and you don’t need an account
  • Socialize with other kids!
  • Daily and Monthly options
Mon-Fri, 12-6pm
Sat, 10am-3pm